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SmartFP is a telemetry, remote control, instrumentation and remote automation solution for industrial and logistics processes, including stock management and control of products in transit. Through the use of SmartFP we committed to the standard for industrial and industrial products in the growing world of the industrial Internet of things - IIoT.

our team

Naval Electronic Engineer - MBA Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

ALMA IMG Manager, vast experience in Electronics, Logistics and Industrial Sales

SCM and logistics specialist executive

DHL sales manager and senior advisor at TNT Express for LATAM & Europe

Boston Landings - USA PhD Microbiology

Entrepreneurial networking in BOSTON USA and EUROPE

Industrial Designer

Vast Experience in PCB design, electrical and electronic drawings preparation and review

Information Technology Engineer

Data Bases, code development in several programming languages

Civil Electronic Engineer

Micro Controller programming expert, including electronic design expertise
Universidad José Antonio Páez - Venezuela

Industrial Designer

Vast experience in robotics and electronic equipment enclosure and structural design

Through SmartFP, work is conceived as a way of development for higher purposes of the person, where his or her virtues match with the benefit of our customers, their growth and self-recognition.

We understand quality as giving our customers the best cost / benefit solutions in the market. Our historical characteristics of values and organizational skills allow us to give them the support and professionalism they expect, adapting to their needs and exceeding their expectations in a transparent and timely response.

We are oriented to increase our organizational efficiency through controlled processes and continuous improvement.

We train our collaborators, as a form of personal and professional development, giving them the knowledge that allows them to plan, implement, supervise and improve their work.

We encourage team activities with an assertive and open communication environment to perform all tasks - from the very beginning in a correct, efficiently and on time manner.

We value and encourage a working environment where each person is responsible for his or her job and proposes improvements in a respectful and mutual collaborative way.

We encourage an active participation of our employees through committees, providing appropriate resources for the fulfillment of their tasks.

We take charge of our Social Responsibility by committing ourselves to work ethics, health and occupational safety in the job, caring for the environment and complying with current regulation in our country and abroad.

In order to comply with our Quality Policy, we behave according to respectful organization's values, reaching the objectives defined by the CEO and approved by the Quality Council.

Safety, Environment and Health at work.

Through SmartFP, administrative and operational activities are developed following work practices that privilege safety and occupational health of all our collaborators, seeking a permanent level of excellence in the results related to these matters. Accordingly our commitment on the subject is the following:

Accordingly our commitment complies with appropriate legal provisions of health and safety at work, motivating all workers to comply fully with the laws and Internal Regulations of Order, Hygiene and Safety, and the instructions of their heads on these matters, so they also assume a permanent and effective collaboration approach to achieve the stated objective.

Efforts are permanently made to encourage the involvement of workers, collectively and individually, through the Joint Committee-Training-Evaluation-Alcohol and Drugs Quality Council, as well as its Supervisors and Direct Heads. The action of the company on this matter is consistent to the development of permanent scheduled programs; training and application of safety standards; occupational health control; detection of potential risks for their workers; provision of protective equipment personnel and direct control during the execution of the works.

Continuous Improvement of working conditions and performance of safety and health at work is performed, by reviewing the compliance of prevention plans and programs and frequent visits to workplaces, in addition to promoting the responsibility of customers to maintain the access and adequate infrastructure conditions to carry out the work clear and safely, both for our staff and to avoid losses of customer´s property.

With respect of our policies, the hierarchy of values that command our actions for designing, executing and evaluating the results of all the Works, are the following:

  • Insurance for people and company assets.
  • Effective in satisfying our customers and users.
  • Efficient in the use of resources.
  • Environmental care management.

Our community commitment, is also evident in the care of the environment, understanding it as mandatory for the existence of the company and its employees and customers. For this reason, through SmartFP we are committed to the following:

Comply with current environmental regulation, applicable to the activity of the company.

Prevent and control environmental pollution and waste, safely dispose of the waste and properly handle adverse elements to the environment, according to the best known practices.

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SmartFP seeks to be recognized as a world-class solution in remote instrumentation Telemetry and Telecommands for inventory control, monitoring and protection of goods in the logistics industry.
SmartFP focuses in customer needs such as fuel delivery tank trucks, several industrial liquids, general freight and large industrial facilities, both in Chile and the rest of the world.
SmartFP is available to serve our customer’s needs, whereas we maintain clear and transparent relationships with them, delivering greater value services.
Our staff has an effective specialization and profound technical skills, allowing us to offer the best service possible.
A timely, agile and national coverage action guarantees the confidence of customers in all of the facilities left in our care.
We are committed to a continuous improvement of our processes, adapting to the conditions of our environment and any new requirement of our customers.
The service delivered through SmartFP is characterized by having an adequate adapting level to the specific needs of our customers and the usual change of the environment.

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  • 100% portable
  • Voltage: +12VDC or +24VDC
  • Battery performance: Rechargable for 8 hours, depending on Satellite mode of operation
  • Battery Type: 24 LiPo 35C Battery Array. Batteries can be replaced.
  • Water and Dust tightness: IP65 Standard
  • System sends alarm when latch is violated
  • 24/7 Monitoring Control Centre
  • Special protection electronic circuit to avoid battery damage when charge level is low
  • Battery backup protection fuse
  • Latest Generation PIC Microcontroller with possibility to enlarge to TCP‐IP connectivity
  • RS232 communication through 3 Input‐Output Ports
  • Proprietary communication protocol to protect opening command keyword transfer
  • Keyword Memory erase after it has been used to avoid hacking
  • Unit is Lab serviceable for upgrades and improvements
  • Programmable report transmission
  • GPS positioning device interconnected to PIC Microcontroller
  • 128 upgradeable Geo-Fences
  • External indication LEDS
  • ON‐OFF specialized switch key
technical information
some of our work
some of our work img
Smart FP

Satellite supervised, monitoring and blocking system for fuel transported on board of Tank Trucks.

some of our work img
Smart FP en cisterna ENEX Tank Truck

SmartFP installed on board of BeOT Tank Truck, ENEX-Shell service provider.

some of our work img
Smart FP on board PETROBRAS

SmartFP installed on board of TAD Tank Truck, ESMAX-Petrobras service provider.

some of our work img
Smart FP on board COPEC Tank Truck

SmartFP installed on board of Transportes Vigal, COPEC service provider.

some of our work img
Smart FP on COPEC Truck

SmartFP installed on board of COPEC Truck.

some of our work img
Smart FP on board Transportes BeOT

SmartFP device at BeOT Maipú facility during maintenance procedures.

some of our work img
Sensor Array Enclosure eon board ENEX Tank Truck

Enex cistern API valve box - Shell with SmartFP system sensor holder.

some of our work img
API Valve Sensor Array Enclosure

ENEX-Shell Tank Truck sensor array enclosure installed behind API charge-discharge Valve.

some of our work img
Charge-Discharge Blocking Valve-Latch

Detailed schematic of the blocking system installed behind API valves of Fuel Tank Trucks.

some of our work img
RASTROS Monitoring System

Access in the cloud of the RASTROS system, available for Tank Truck cargo supervision and monitoring.

some of our work img
Status & Alarms

RASTROS system inside view where SmartFP alarms and system status can be checked.

some of our work img
System monitoring through a Smartphone device

Rastros system and SmartFP devices user queries from a responsive app smartphone.

some of our work img
SmartFP Test Lab

SmartFP Test & Trials Mobile Lab.

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